On the Verge

A passion for Milton Keynes’ design and architecture and the amazing achievement of building a new town on what was agricultural land, the privilege of witnessing a city being created and develop up to today is what inspired the project to be set up by OTV Project Director Myriam Metcalf. A desire to work with people to build a positive place identity for Milton Keynes particularly in these original estates of MK is what drove the creation of the project. 


2007- On the Verge (OTV) was set up to deliver the ‘Gateways’ project a two-phase Visual Art project with place identity as the central theme.
2008 - 2010 - It successfully delivered phase 1: the ‘Banners’ Project to mark gateways to four estates: Conniburrow and Bradwell Common, Fishermead and Oldbrook and two play areas at Fishermead and Conniburrow and began the successful engagement of communities which we have worked with in the ‘Underpasses’ project.

2011 - OTV became a Community Interest Company (CIC)

2012  - end of phase 1: the Banners Project

2013 – ‘EU Funding and Public Art Seminar’ delivered by OTV in partnership with MK Gallery

2015- OTV started developing phase 2: the ‘Underpasses: Connecting People, Connecting Places’ project to work with 4 communities exploring the town’s history and heritage and its unique systems of underpasses.

The ‘Underpasses’ project has been made possible by its strong team of Advisers; it is with their time and dedication that such high quality project outputs have been able to be produced.


Lady Scott of Foscote

Board of Advisers

Myriam Metcalf - On the Verge Project Director (development and strategy adviser)
Sue Chaundy -  Team Leader (Bridges) MK Council
Rob Riekie - The Parks Trust. Head of Operations (Landscape adviser)

Dr. Noel James - Director. MK City Discovery Centre (MK New Town adviser)

Shane Downer - Heritage Development Officer. MK Council
Louise Izod - Public Art Officer. MK Council
Paul Dorney - Senior Librarian (School Library Service) MK Council
Elaine Hawkins - Headteacher (educational content adviser)
Tim Skelton - Chair. MK Forum (Heritage Trail & publications content adviser)
Charlotte Durrance - Heritage and Museum (Heritage adviser)
Nick Crank  - Senior Archaeologist. MK Council (Secklow Mound adviser)
Brett Thorn - Keeper of Archaeology, Bucks County Museum (MK Archaeology archive)
Dick Chamberlain - Socially engaged artwork (funding adviser)
Simon Wright - MK Gallery. (Socially Engaged Practice adviser)
Rob Harriman - CMK Street Warden. MKCCM (CMK Adviser)|
Hanna Forbes- Community Development Team. Community Action MK
Joy Cowell - Chair of Conniburrow Community Association

Further Information

Your expertise is always welcome at OTV, for further information please contact:

Myriam Metcalf – OTV Project Director at mm@ontheverge.org.uk


- Community Interest Company (CIC) No. 7740482