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Participating Artists

On the Verge commissioned the banners from four artists from around the country who have had a connection with Milton Keynes, as well as from Boyd and Evans, artists based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, who have been producing public art for the city since the early 80's, including the mural in Milton Keynes Library.

O'Boyd and Evans
Oldbrook @ Evans Gate

Taslim Martin
Fishermead @ Pentewan Place

James O’Hanlon
Bradwell Common @ Hampstead Gate

Ruth Spaak
Conniburrow @ Mallow Gate

Judy Foote
Fishermead @ Kernow Crescent
Conniburrow @ Mallow Gate, Local Park

On The Verge!

Banners artists from right - Boyd and Evans, James O'Hanion, Judy Foote, Ruth Spaak, with Myriam Metcalf.